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Gonzo junglism ; Without missing a beat on the road with DJ C-Rat
[Ontario Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Shinn, Eric
Date: Jan 23, 2001
Start Page: 01
Section: LIFE
Abstract (Document Summary)

C-Rat is perhaps a little too enamoured with Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas author Hunter S. Thompson. Over six months on the road with [Chris Lytle]' barrage of culture-jamming Adbusters accolades and it becomes clear that with Chris, even the little things in life are culture jams.

C-Rat drops back to back dub plates he cut back in Toronto, and Blue Dog goes wild. On the mic, [Krinja] bigs up Toronto and asks the crowd to show their appreciation for the DJ before his last track, Beanie Man's dance hall classic "World Dance."

DISC MAN: C-Rat says gonzo junglism is like eating Glossettes and "banging the back of the box to get the crumbs, then blowing into it to make a whistle."; ERIC SHINN PHOTO; SPINDRIFTS: Chris Lytle, alias DJ C-Rat takes his turntable on tour to spread his oldskool sounds.; ERIC SHINN PHOTOS

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