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173 Jobs go as CBC's axe falls yet again ; Television fixture Midday set to be chopped in June
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Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Zerbisias, Antonia
Date: Feb 11, 2000
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Section: NEWS
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The axe fell again at CBC yesterday, chopping 173 jobs, most of them in Toronto, and felling Midday, a fixture for the past 15 years on the TV network.

"It's sad to see talented employees leave the corporation, but unfortunately we have little choice but to take this step if we want to ensure the future viability of CBC television," said CBC-TV vice- president Harold Redekopp in announcing the staff cuts.

Some of that transformation will result in fewer ads. Newly- appointed CBC president Bob Rabinovitch has said he wants to reduce commercial clutter on CBC-TV in order to make it more distinctive from its competition. That will result in more job losses as revenues drop.

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