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Wiccan leader flies out of broom closet ; High priestess says many other witches are going public, too
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Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Date: May 22, 1999
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Section: LIFE
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Here you are in a downtown restaurant, waiting to interview the Wiccan witch of the east - New York, to be precise - when the receptionist beckons you to the phone. Barely arrived to give Toronto women a crash course in witching, high priestess [Phyllis Curott] jumped into a cab which has just rear-ended the cab ahead.

High priestess Phyllis is tall and blonde, long and lean, somewhere in her 40s. She had a Jewish mother, a Scandinavian sea captain father. Besides being a witch, she is a lawyer. In her Book Of Shadows, A Modern Woman's Journey Into the Wisdom Of Witchcraft And The Magic Of The Goddess (Broadway Books), you will learn that:

That doesn't mean [Cher], [Madonna] or [Barbra Streisand]. That means witches, particularly Phyllis' friend Sophia, who invited her to join a circle of witches, where Phyllis discovered that suppression of witchery, which is cutting-edge feminism, actually prefigured the Holocaust and McCarthyism, because the world - particularly the male world - is so fearful of woman's goddess power.

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