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Long live the Queen -- live and on disc
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Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Date: Jul 25, 1998
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The delivery is confident and hard-hitting throughout as [MARY J. BLIGE] culls widely from her debut What's The 411 and 1994's My Life discs. And The Tour benefits from great guest musicians who contribute hip- hop beats, punchy horns, chunky basslines and superb piano, especially on a spirited stab at Dorothy Moore's 1976 "Misty Blue."

The resurrected "Corncob Pipe" (which cleverly drops a Massive Attack reference) and "Superchile" are still tremendously catchy jams, joined here by worthy newcomers "Beats Don't Stop" and "Peppy Rock," which employ the same winning ingredients - rock guitar, head- nodding beats, mutilated nursery rhymes and the requisite amount of sly pop-culture references.

All right, [CHRIS FIELD], we get the picture. That said, Field has an accomplished debut record here, a collection of raw-sounding, studious yet vibrant pop compositions replete with "Eleanor Rigby" strings, blaring horns and a nicely compressed retro-nuevo production job that makes everything sound crisp and modern and slightly outdated all at once.

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