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Where gay goes after the mainstream
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Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Mitchel Raphael
Date: May 17, 1998
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Two years ago, three women took over the city's largest gay and lesbian cultural institutions and began charting new courses - [Ellen Flanders] at Inside Out, Sarah Stanley, artistic director of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, and Maggie Cassella, executive producer of We're Funny That Way: Canada's International Gay and Lesbian Comedy Festival.

That's also a common thread Stanley has noticed in Buddies' upcoming season. [Gay] playwright R.M. Vaughan's world premiere of camera, woman tells the story of Dorothy Arzner, one of the Hollywood studio system's few female filmmakers and its only out lesbian. Other plays have a woman writing about gay men (Elise Moore's Live With It) and a straight man exploring homosexual repression and gay bashing (Robin Fulford's Steel Kiss And Gulag). All are new productions.

KEITH BEATY/TORONTO STAR TRIPLE TEAM: Three women- Maggie Cassella of the We're Funny That Way comedy festival, Buddies In Bad Times' artistic director Sarah Stanley and Ellen Flanders of Inside Out film festival (left to right) - chart new courses for Toronto's gay artistic institutions.

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