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Net Worth scores big at Gemini TV Awards
[Final Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: By Greg Quill TORONTO STAR
Date: Mar 03, 1997
Start Page: C.4
Abstract (Document Summary)

The CBC-TV movie Net Worth, about the abortive attempt by NHL players to form a union in the 1950s, cleaned up last night in the final instalment of three Gemini Awards presentations.

The presentation, the 11th annual awards event sponsored by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, aired live on CBC-TV from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Net Worth, produced by recent Toronto Arts Award and multi-Gemini winner Bernard Zukerman (Love And Hate, Conspiracy Of Silence, Million Dollar Babies, Dieppe), won the best direction in a dramatic program award for Jerry Ciccoritti, best supporting actor award for Al Waxman, and, for Zukerman, the best TV-movie award.

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