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Sure-shot gifts for video fans
[Final Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: By Don Long
Date: Dec 12, 1996
Start Page: L.5
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For example, if you need to buy a gift under $100 for the camcorder user, then I have a short list: video tapes, extra batteries, a tiny tripod, a new bag.

There's never a situation where a camcorder user can have too many tapes (except, perhaps, when they are all unmarked, and one of them has the all-important scene on it). Remember, though, if you are going to buy video tape as a gift, buy the highest quality you can. The worst thing you can do is buy really cheap tape. The cheap stuff is bad for a camcorder. Go for name brand product, and the highest grade the store has.

Generally, you don't have as many concerns when buying 8mm, Hi8 and VHS-C tapes, because these formats have not engendered a competitive frenzy. But watch out if you're after VHS tape for the owner of a full-size camcorder; here's where everybody and his uncle has a tape brand named after themselves, or their poodle. Some of that stuff is bad news. Avoid it like the plague.

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