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Sailing the Internet It's a treasure trove of trivia for Sailor 'Moonies'
[Final Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: By Louise Brown
Date: Jul 27, 1996
Start Page: SW.65
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Canada is suddenly Sailor Moon`s one safe haven in North America, with the surprise cancellation of the Japanese cartoon last month by the TBS network in the United States.

Who, for example, is the mysterious Sailor Pluto seen on some Sailor Moon merchandise in Canada - but not on Canadian TV? (Answer: A Sailor Scout introduced in Episode 68, not yet translated.)

And is that curious little girl Renie really the love child of Sailor Moon and loverboy Tuxedo Mask - even though Sailor Moon herself is only 14 years old? (Answer: Only if they have her in the future, since Renie is billed as an 8-year-old girl from 900 years into the future.)

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