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Garrison Keillor sounds at home on CBC Radio
[Final Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: By Peter Goddard Toronto Star
Date: Feb 26, 1996
Start Page: B.7
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To CBC Radio, yesterday's two-hour broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion from Vancouver's Queen Elizabeth Theatre, was a mighty big deal - the first time host Garrison Keillor had taken his folksy, St. Paul, Minn.-based radio review outside the United States.

Well, I beg to differ. This was no Yankee in Canuck- land. If there ever was a closet Canadian it's the 53-year-old Keillor. And, as yesterday proved beyond any doubt, he knows it - although Keillor still insists he was born in Anoka, Minn.

Because the program was first broadcast live Saturday evening to its 350 American public radio stations, listeners kept hearing references to Saturday night as Keillor fed his American audience information about Canada - about ``this taciturn, educated people,'' and about rainy, green Vancouver, ``this hydroponic city.''

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