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RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS One Hot Minute Warner Bros.
[Final Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: By Peter Howell TORONTO STAR
Date: Sep 9, 1995
Start Page: L.14
Section: ARTS
Abstract (Document Summary)

Their entry in the Kurt Cobain Memorial Song Sweepstakes is ``Tearjerker,'' a track deep into One Hot Minute (out Tuesday). Unlike every other rock remembrance of Kurt, the Chili Peppers avoid high- minded sentiments and just say they wish they could have had sex with him: ``You never knew this/ But I wanted badly for you to/ Requite my love.''

You might have thought his 1994 Transitive Axis original meta version - which folded together 51 live performances and 25 years of the song into a one- hour wall o' energy - would have been enough. But ``enough'' isn't a word in the Deadhead dictionary, so [John] Oswald gives us part two, titled Mirror Ashes, and both parts are being sold together (out Friday, mind- altering drugs not included).

If you're a Deadhead and you liked Transitive Axis, you'll probably like this peppier and spacier sequel. It includes another 50 shows' worth of ``Dark Star,'' a long stretch of near-silence that likely will make you check your speakers, an explanatory essay written by the reliable Rob Bowman and a timeline that reveals CanCon - part of this was taken from the band's last visit to Ontario, a March 20, 1992, show at Hamilton's Copps Coliseum.

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