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Tourism boycott a last stand in fighting Yukon wolf killings
[Final Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: MacKay, Barry Kent
Date: Jan 22, 1995
Start Page: E.8
Section: FEATURE
Abstract (Document Summary)

Past disasters in ``managing'' nature teach the importance of dealing with the environment as a whole, except in the Yukon, where the simplistic solution to wanting more moose and caribou has been to kill wolves from aircraft, even destroy entire packs, and ignore concerns of wolf biologists and the public.

The fund points out that the Yukon wolf slaughter violates the World Heritage Convention by destroying wolves from Kluane National Park when they leave park boundaries. Also, the killing was not subjected to proper environmental assessment, even though it has an impact on federal land. The slaughter does not reflect national park policy of managing wildlife on an ecosystem basis while accommodating situations influencing that park's wildlife outside its boundaries. Finally, destroying the wolves is simply very bad wildlife management in response to previous failures, the fund says.

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