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10 years later, UIC calls it quits
[Final Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: By Jennie Punter SPECIAL TO THE STAR
Date: Jan 12, 1995
Start Page: B.9
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Saturday night at Lee's Palace, that second meaning will pass into the rock history books. After 10 years at the forefront of do-it-yourself rock 'n' roll, including those groundbreaking early years before ``indie'' and ``alternative'' became the buzzwords of coolness, UIC is playing its last-ever show.

The fact that UIC is actually throwing a goodbye gig suggests that fisticuffs and artistic differences are definitely not the reason behind the breakup. Particularly when they're also releasing a video for ``Summertime,'' a tune from their year-old album Witches In Credible, on Guelph indie label DROG.

Robinson says someone once called UIC Canada's ``ultimate indie sweetheart band.'' While they aren't breaking up because they're giving up - in fact, the four remaining members plan to jam and perhaps write a ``huge rock epic'' - it is true they have met frustration and brick walls in their musical journey.

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