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British critics lavish praise on Oliver First-night audience begs for more please
[MET Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: (Reuter)
Date: Dec 12, 1994
Start Page: C.8
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With dazzling sets, a sparkling cast headed by Jonathan Pryce as the villainous Fagin, and Lionel Bart's unforgettable score, Oliver proved its enduring qualities.

"Cameron Mackintosh brings us a revival of Oliver that quite likely is the definitive article," Today newspaper said. "With such a plethora of talent employed on Bart's all-his-own-work masterpiece, it was predictable wunderkind director Sam Mendes' production was not going to fall on its face."

[Adam Searles] lit up the stage with his cocky, swaggering performance as Fagin's chief sidekick and [Sally Dexter]'s musical talents did more than justice to Bart's memorable tunes.

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