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Canada's feel-good film belongs to Gary Farmer
[MET Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Craig MacInnis TORONTO STAR
Date: Sep 14, 1994
Start Page: D.1
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This was during the six-week shoot last fall for Henry & Verlin, a Depression-era drama about an unlikely friendship between an autistic man named Henry ([Gary Farmer]) and his little nephew Verlin (MacIntosh), who is also autistic.

Henry & Verlin, directed by first-timer Gary Ledbetter, belongs to Farmer. As Henry, the shambling, grinning, harmonica- blowing manchild, he captures the glory of damaged innocence in a way that seems neither noble (the usual tack) nor tragic (the second most usual tack).

Farmer says he anticipated comparisons to Forrest Gump after the Paramount film came out in July and became an instant hit. But that's nothing. Farmer says a famous Los Angeles critic once compared him to E.T., Steven Spielberg's cuddly extra-terrestrial.

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