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Sci-fi novelist's efforts range far beyond Pern Anne McCaffrey visits Toronto
[MET Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Henry Mietkiewicz TORONTO STAR
Date: Aug 29, 1994
Start Page: C.6
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Though normally confined to fairy tales and fantasy novels, the dragons that [Anne McCaffrey] introduced in her novella, Weyr Search, were given a science-fictional twist by being depicted as native inhabitants of a distant planet named [Pern].

With this solid concept as her basis, McCaffrey has spun a series of award-winning tales that mix pure, escapist adventure with universal themes about love, hope and faith. The latest is The Dolphins Of Pern, published by Del Rey/Ballantine.

McCaffrey says she never intended to keep the Dragonriders of Pern series going for so long, but "every time I solved problems, more kept rising up to take their place. Mainly, it was how to get rid of Thread (Pern's deadly, airborne spore). So I just kept at it, and look where it's got me."

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