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Driver relives 30-second terror ride Runaway train 'most terrifying experience' ever
[MET Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Stan Josey Toronto Star
Date: Jul 14, 1994
Start Page: A.6
Section: NEWS
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More than 60 passengers were aboard the train. It was gathering speed as it raced backward down the hill at an estimated 40 km/h toward the zoo's Weston station. [Eric Wuest] knew another train load of people was back there.

Wuest remembers the feel and the sound of the crash as his train plowed into the driver's cab of the train that was stopped at the station. His neck still aches from the whiplash.

Wuest discovered shortly afterward that 37 were treated for injuries but nobody was critically hurt. His friend and co-worker, Susan Glennon, was driving the other train but had jumped clear before the collision. He had been sure she was dead.

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