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Art theft linked to pro-life drive Abortion foe hints painting's return hinges on TV film
[MET Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: (AP)
Date: Feb 18, 1994
Start Page: A.25
Section: NEWS
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Police Superintendent Leif Lier said he listened to a tape of [Borre Knudsen]'s radio interview, but told the national news agency NTB he had no grounds to question Knudsen as a suspect in the theft.

A handful of Norwegian church groups and U.S. groups such as Operation Rescue and the Christian Defence Coalition have been trying to draw attention to the anti-abortion cause while thousands of foreign journalists are at the Olympics.

Twelve U.S. anti-abortion activists, including Operation Rescue members, were deported last week after anti-abortion posters and pamphlets were seized from their luggage. Police said they suspected the activists planned illegal acts.

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