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Highway chevrons aimed at curbing crashes
[SA2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Gerry Malloy Special to The Star
Date: Oct 16, 1993
Start Page: L.16
Section: WHEELS
Abstract (Document Summary)

It's an experiment, [Greg Junnor] says. There is no intent to cover Ontario's highways with chevrons. The idea originated in France and has been used for the past year on Britain's M1 expressway, with encouraging results. This is the first use of the concept in Canada.

From loops installed in Highway 400, upstream of the Chevrons, MTO already has a database of information, some of it frightening. "We've seen headings of four-tenths of a second," says Junnor, "at speeds of 120 km/h or more." Anyone who drives the 400 regularly can vouch for those figures.

Junnor acknowledged that the experiment hasn't won universal support. Some driving trainers consider even two seconds too little time between vehicles, and some believe the chevrons will draw drivers' vision down to the road, rather than far ahead where it should be for safety.

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