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Language bill sparks new battle in Quebec
[AM Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Robert McKenzie Toronto Star
Date: May 07, 1993
Start Page: A.1
Section: NEWS
Abstract (Document Summary)

The bill amends the PQ's Law 101 of 1977, Quebec's basic language charter, and the Liberals Law 178 of 1988, which maintained the ban on English on outdoor signs.

The bill does not contain recourse to the Constitution's notwithstanding clause. This means the present five-year clause, by which Quebec overrides a Supreme Court of Canada ruling against unilingual signs, will lapse in December. But it would not prevent a Quebec government resorting to the override in future, for example after losing a court challenge of the present bill.

At the same time, the militant faction of Quebec's English- speaking minority denounced the language concessions as insufficient. Robert Libman, one of three MNA's from the English- rights Equality Party, and Robert Keaton, head of the the English- rights Alliance Quebec, criticized the government for failing to open up English schools to immigrants.

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