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First 'Dennis' runs a health-food firm
[SU2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Mitchell Smyth TORONTO STAR
Date: Jun 27, 1993
Start Page: D.5
Section: PEOPLE
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[Jay North], who'll be 41 in August, would still like to act, but while he's waiting for the casting calls he runs a health food company in suburban Los Angeles. He has no money worries for he says [Dennis] the Menace left him pretty well off. "I started Dennis at $500 a week and was getting $3,500 a week when it ended. And those were the days when a dollar was a dollar," he says.

He'd be happy enough to break out of his goody-goody image for movie roles. "You can't build a career on boy-next-door roles (like Dennis) he says. "That's why I want to change my image. I don't mind playing murderers or rapists . . . but Dennis the Menace has locked me in."

North won the Dennis role over 140 other contestants and was, reportedly, creator [Hank Ketcham]'s choice for the part, although recently Ketcham has been critical of the TV show, saying "It's something I'd just as soon forget." Nevertheless, it spread the name of Dennis the Menace far beyond people who read the comics pages.

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