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His familiar face changes with every new film script
[AM Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Rita Zekas TORONTO STAR
Date: May 27, 1993
Start Page: F.11
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His character, FBI agent Buckner, is interrogating [Stephen McHattie], who plays a scientist out to preserve a prehistoric creature living beneath the surface of a graveyard. Buckner is out to kill it. After all, it killed his partner.

"My story is like Cinema Paradiso. Every night in my life since I was 2 years old (he's in his late 40s now), I ran movies. My dad had a movie theatre in Beaumont, Calif., population 5,000. I loved the fantasy of film; I wanted to go to Hollywood and be in cowboy movies. In the '40s when I was young, the stars came through, like Johnny Mack Brown. My favorite stars were Wallace Beery and Lon Chaney, that great character actor. I consider myself a man of 1,000 faces. I change dialect, look - I'm a chameleon. I've played Cajuns, Russians, Germans, I can be anyone.

Photos: VETERAN: Cast as the heavy, [Brion James] played opposite Dennis Quaid in bs Enemy Mine. TRANSFORMED: For his latest film, shooting in Toronto, James wears his blond hair California-slicked back.

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