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Music drives Metro commuters Tunes change with trip's time, task and traffic
[SA2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Carola Vyhnak Toronto Star
Date: Jan 16, 1993
Start Page: K.1
Section: WHEELS
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Lest you jump to conclusions, [Tony Brown] is not one of those heavy metal maniacs in a muscle boom car with the volume cranked up to migraine level. (Those mobile menaces, by the way, can rock on unmuffled, it seems. There is nothing in the Highway Traffic Act or municipal bylaws that specifically addresses the problem of cacophonous cars.)

[Larry Gowan] isn't the only one who works at the wheel. [Andy Curran], of Andy Curran and Soho '69, does a lot of songwriting in his VW Golf.

His work requires listening to all types of music, from folk to hip hop. When he's listening for himself, his taste is "totally all- encompassing - classical, jazz, thrash, grunge rock, speed metal."

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