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Let umpires earn stripes as zebras do
[SA2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Jim Proudfoot Toronto Star
Date: Oct 24, 1992
Start Page: B.2
Section: SPORTS
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In short: Atlanta's Terry Pendleton got off lightly for becoming an automatic out by overtaking and passing Deion Sanders on the double play that almost became a triple play in the SkyDome. . . . Red Barber, the legendary baseball broadcaster who died this week, was the first to call a brawl a rhubarb - part of the language now. . . As general manager, Phil Esposito had no business invading the Tampa Bay dressing room, where he scuffled with a journalist. That's coach Terry Crisp's domain. . . . Silver Deputy's first crop of thoroughbred 2-year-olds was impressive, so Windfields is moving him to a U.S. farm. . . . Wiorno's disqualification in the Rothmans cost a big shooter at Woodbine $40,000. . . . Here's a nice story. Steady Power earned $1.1 million for the Kinghaven Farm, but was claimed when he ran with a $50,000 tag last June. In a humanitarian move Wednesday, Kinghaven took him back when he was dropped to $16,000. The eight-year-old deserved a better fate, like retirement.

Yet some umpires will award a strike on an outside pitch; others like high ones. Some don't seem to notice when a pitcher hooks a curve over the back corner; they'll signal ball. So the players make it their business to know which umpires are guided by outsized strike zones and which ones have shrunken what the regulations spell out with such total clarity. And the simple but dreadful truth is they're often confused, with no idea what to expect.

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