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Joe Shuster a cartoonist with a soaring imagination
[AM Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Henry Mietkiewicz TORONTO STAR
Date: Aug 4, 1992
Start Page: D.6
Abstract (Document Summary)

Even after publisher DC Comics finally granted pensions to [Joe Shuster] and [Jerry Siegel] in the mid-'70s - thereby ending three decades of lawsuits, bitterness, illness and impoverishment - Shuster kept largely to himself.

Finally, Shuster exploited his skills at depicting inanimate objects. Unlike cartoonists who concentrated on human figures, Shuster gave "wide-screen" breadth to Superman amid the perils of collapsing skyscrapers, runaway locomotives and sinking ocean liners.

The Shuster of the 1930s was a stereotypical, 90-pound weakling who rarely engaged in sports or group activities. So when the time came to sketch Kent, Shuster put something of himself into the character to suggest that a Man of Steel rippled beneath his own mild-mannered surface.

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