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Cold War 'copters a waste of money
[AM Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: McLaughlin, Audrey
Date: Jul 28, 1992
Start Page: A.17
Section: OPINION
Abstract (Document Summary)

Not surprisingly, the government is downplaying the military aspect of the helicopter purchase. They're emphasizing search and rescue off Canada's coasts and the jobs that will be created in equipping the 50 EH-101 helicopters.

Only 15 of the 50 helicopters to be purchased are for search and rescue purposes. The other 35 are for anti-submarine warfare - the EH-101 was designed from the outset to fight submarines.

Other proposals have been put forward in recent months which would meet Canada's crucial search and rescue requirements at a fraction of the cost. Indeed, the existing search and rescue helicopters, the Labradors, could be upgraded and modernized for $200 million. This is a reasonable alternative at this time of restraint, and an option favored by many experts in the field.

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