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Cassandra Vasik's got the miracle thing
[SA2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Judith Fitzgerald Special to The Star
Date: May 16, 1992
Start Page: F.12
Section: WEEKEND
Abstract (Document Summary)

[Cassandra Vasik]'s contralto scorches the tiny studio's walls. Intense dedication and confidence in vocal crests and jags yield to the determination of a singer on top of her stuff.

Tonight, Vasik kicks each syllable into pockets of energy. Her voice works the melody, sprawls in the margins and plays around with guttural phrasings and mannered exclamations on a commanding grace- note string.

Probably, Vasik told [Erica Ehm] and Thorney she grew up the youngest of three on a cash-crop farm in Blenheim, Ont. Her father, a polka- master, influenced her music the most. She felt "like a kind of outsider" until she entered Fanshawe College's Music Arts program in nearby London in her late teens.

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