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A magical morning of relaxed fun for moms, kids
[SA2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Michele Landsberg TORONTO STAR
Date: Feb 29, 1992
Start Page: K.1
Section: LIFE
Abstract (Document Summary)

The whole idea of the Parent-Child Mother Goose program is outrageously simple and astoundingly powerful. One morning a week, mothers and babies come together to learn and play nursery rhymes. You could take a brace of scientific laboratories, a wardful of white-coated specialists and a think tank of child care experts, stir them together and you wouldn't get anything half as potent as the life-enhancing transformations wrought by silly old Mother Goose.

The rhymes gallop, the babies swing and sway. Every now and then, one of them toddles off to wander the room, drawn back by the lure of another rhythmic chant. For the bouncing rhymes, the littlest babies sit facing their mothers, mesmerized by the sounds, the motion, the laughing and undivided attention. The older ones sit facing outwards, sharing their chortles with the circle of familiar faces.

About 100 mothers and their children attend the Mother Goose program each year in three different locations around the city. Half of them are "mothers at risk" - lonely or overburdened, immigrants anxious to adapt to a new culture, or women struggling with poverty. They mingle seamlessly with luckier women who are not "stressed," but seek out the program for the company, the fun, and the stimulation for their children. Mother Goose rhymes and stories effortlessly throw bridges across all class divisions and cultural gaps.

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