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San Francisco's restaurants simply superb Best ethnic eateries tucked away
[SA2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: David Armstrong Special to The Star
Date: Nov 23, 1991
Start Page: E.18
Section: TRAVEL
Abstract (Document Summary)

San Francisco is justly celebrated for gourmet restaurants in and near downtown. Savvy San Franciscans often eat elsewhere, however, in neighborhood places of comparable quality but incomparably lower prices. Some of the best eateries are not where you'd logically expect them to be. Indeed, the best Italian places are not in the traditional Italian precincts of North Beach, and the best Chinese restaurants are not in Chinatown.

Another mile west, Mescolanza (2221 Clement) dishes out wonderful northern Italian food in a smoke-free setting. San Francisco has a tough, Toronto-style no-smoking law, but tiny, cheery Mescolanza goes beyond the legal minimum. It serves superb pizzettas: one- person pizzas ($7 to $8) with ultra-fresh toppings served on an oil- free crust that resembles a cracker. The Machiavelli Chianti Classico ($19) not only has a memorable name, it has a soft, fruity taste.

Just west, at Geary Boulevard and 34th Avenue, is another Richmond district treasure, the Pacific Cafe. Long a haunt of San Franciscans, it specializes in seafood (entrees $10 to $15). A small place in a restored Victorian building, the Pacific Cafe does not take reservations; the wait can be long on weekends but the management hands out free wine to patrons who cluster on the sidewalk on warm evenings.

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