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Kenny's opening act
[SU2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Mira Friedlander SPECIAL TO THE STAR
Date: Aug 18, 1991
Start Page: D.1
Section: PEOPLE
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[Michelle Wright] is travelling the States as Kenny Roger's opening act, a coup she is bashful to speak about, except to say that Rogers picked her band after auditioning them in Chicago.

"Michelle has a wonderful American agent and that's what got us in to see Kenny. The morning after she first played his concert, Kenny's fan club got six phone calls asking who Michelle was. Never in Kenny's career had there been such a response to an opening act."

The tour was supposed to end this month but Rogers has asked Wright to stay on the road at least into November. "It's all very exciting," she says in that distinctive husky voice which brings to mind to a Nashville version of Lauren Bacall. "We've also started rehearsing duets and as soon as Kenny has time, we'll record."

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