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Earthweek: A Diary Of The Planet For the week ending July 19/1991
[SA2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Newman, Steve
Date: Jul 20, 1991
Start Page: D.6
Section: INSIGHT
Abstract (Document Summary)

Water levels on major rivers and lakes in China's Jiangsu province began to recede following several seeks of the worst flooding to strike the region this century. Average levels of the taihu and Hongze lakes, the Grand Canal, and the Yangtze River all dropped as the persistent rain belt gradually moved northward. Hard times are ahead for farmers who not only lost their summer harvest, but also were unable to plant autumn crops in time. Waterborne diseases such as malaria, typhoid and diarrhea have become epidemic.

A strong temblor along the Yugoslavia-Romania border shook a wide area, killing one person adn injuring a dozen others. Two comparable quakes in western Romania killed another person, and caused extensive damage in the villages of Timisoara and Bunloc. Earth movements were also felt in Albania, the Afghanistan-U.S.S.R. border region, Andaman Islands, Japan's Honshu Island, Indonesia's Alor Island, Soviet Georgia, much of New Zealand, and the Pacific Northwest.

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