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[NEW DELHI - Saffron is the color of India's aggressive ...]
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Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Peter Goodspeed Toronto Star
Date: May 17, 1991
Start Page: A.21
Section: INSIGHT
Abstract (Document Summary)

Riding a wave of Ram hysteria across crowded northern India, the BJP has become the most ambitious, grass-roots political Organization in India in decades.

Rejecting claims that India's diversity requires special safeguards and accommodations to protect minorities, the BJP advocates a sweeping new nationalism that claims India's Hindu majority (80 per cent of the population) has been ignored for far too long.

The inflammatory rhetoric and religious riots that have surrounded the campaign have triggered frightening memories of the vicious religious riots that swept India in 1947, when nearly 1 million died in Hindu-Muslim clashes when the old British Raj was partitioned into modern India and Pakistan.

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