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Car for disabled promised on all GO trains in two years
[FIN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Krishna Rau TORONTO STAR
Date: May 31, 1991
Start Page: A.5
Section: NEWS
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In the future, the government would like to make all GO cars accessible to the handicapped, Ed Philip said last night at a preview of People in Motion, a trade fair geared to the handicapped at Exhibition Place.

Howard Moscoe, Metro councillor and chairperson of the Metro Licensing Commission, said increased fares from the handicapped would not be enough to justify the expense of converting cabs. He said more money would have to be made available to drivers.

Moscoe said the licensing commission is proposing to Metro Council that the first 50 cab drivers who want to be wheelchair- accessible be granted a permanent waiver on their $1,000 annual renewal fee.

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