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Burying taxpayers under pile of NDP garbage
[FIN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Davie Lewis Stein Toronto Star
Date: Apr 5, 1991
Start Page: A.23
Section: OPINION
Abstract (Document Summary)

On Tuesday, Environment Minister Ruth Grier announced that the Ontario government would not allow Metro to send trainloads of garbage up to a site near Kirkland Lake. Instead, Metro Toronto and the Region of York, which runs from Metro's northern border up to Lake Simcoe, are ordered to find a common dump.

Metro was going to pay $380 million to put the site into operation but could have charged private garbage collectors who service big office buildings and factories - as Metro does when the private haulers use its Keele Valley dump in the Region of York.

The site is owned by Superior-Crawford Sand And Gravel Ltd. and it surrounds Metro's own Keele Valley dump. In effect, Metro owns the hole and Superior-Crawford owns the doughnut.

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