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Laura Palmer's diarist fulfils fantasy
[FIN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Rita Zekas Toronto Star
Date: Oct 2, 1990
Start Page: D.1
Abstract (Document Summary)

The twisted series is the brainchild of director David Lynch (Blue Velvet), and now comes the book, The Secret Diary Of [Laura Palmer], which chronicles her secret life from age 12 to 18, "As Seen By" Jennifer Lynch, 22-year-old daughter of Peaks' creator/producer/ director.

"I was asked to do the diary before David knew it, even though the book was his and (partner) Mark Frost's idea. The agency is aware that David and I want to be separate. I always had a fantasy about finding somebody else's diary. I still keep diaries myself, but I call mine journals. And mine are less juicy than Laura's."

"I knew Laura so well it was like automatic writing. The rumor was that Laura Palmer's spirit doesn't want it published. David called me and said 'Maybe you haven't included something she wants in print.' I said 'Ha ha'."

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