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Like father, like daughter
[SA2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Rita Zekas Toronto Star
Date: Oct 13, 1990
Start Page: M.9
Abstract (Document Summary)

I'm not one of the some 500,000 white knucklers, fretting over all the clues about who did in [Laura Palmer], high school homecoming queen murdered in the first episode of Twin Peaks. Peaks Freaks sift through the obvious: the dwarf, sociopathic Leo ...

Freddie is big bad BOB, the demons who manages to slip undetected into Laura's thought processes and through her bedroom window to lure our heroine into the woods. Why is he in capitals? Why are the clues in bold face print?

Lynch manages to protray Laura from age 12 to age 17, maturing in writing style, intelligence, vocabulary and sexuality. Sexuality is what should be in bold face. This book is not for the sexually squeamish.

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