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Bob Colacello Andy Warhol's mouthpiece seeks his own fame
[FIN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Catherine Dunphy Toronto Star
Date: Sep 14, 1990
Start Page: B.1
Section: LIFE
Abstract (Document Summary)

[Bob Colacello] thinks they're mad at him for calling [Andy Warhol] cheap. Which, Colacello points out, he was. Warhol paid slave wages to his entourage and nothing to the second stringers when he discovered they'd work for free.

When he died of complications from a gall bladder operation in 1987, Warhol was worth about $100 million. His brothers - Paul, a born-again artist now silkscreening a series on baked beans, and John who uses the original family name Warhola - netted $250,000 each from the will. Other documents subsequently upped the ante to about $800,000 per sibling, Colacello says, perhaps the motivating factor in their defence of Warhol's spending habits.

Colacello, sick with a raging temperature and out of Aspirin, called Warhol late one night to ask if Warhol's "roommate" Jed could get some Aspirin to him. Andy grouched about the time of the late call and refused the request. "What if he gets what you have and gives it to me?" Colacello recalls him saying.

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