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Liberal delegates flock to Chretien on Prairies
[SU2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: George Oake Toronto Star
Date: Mar 25, 1990
Start Page: A.18
Section: NEWS
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"A lot of people are running for safe spots, because of the political atmosphere in the province," said Liberal MLA Gwen Charles, a [Paul Martin] organizer who admits that [Jean Chretien] will win most of Manitoba's 300 delegates.

Manitoba Liberal MLA Jim Carr, a Chretien supporter, scoffed at significant hidden support for Martin or other candidates. "My sense is Chretien is doing well . . . . He's likely to win an overwhelming majority."

Meech Lake remains the joker in the deck of potential Liberal kings on the Prairies. Chretien's opposition to the accord sits well with most of the region's 1,052 delegates, especially in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, where the deal has about the same number of supporters as another drought.

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