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Veterans of bar circuit pour it on as Raindogs
[FIN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Mitch Potter Toronto Star
Date: Feb 15, 1990
Start Page: D.4
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"Think of us as the Waterboys eating a beggar's banquet on Highway 61," says singer/songwriter Mark Cutler, who brings the Raindogs for a Toronto debut tonight at the Diamond on the bottom of the Warren Zevon card.

Cutler's tidy one-liner pretty much nails the group's honest, heady merger of American and Celtic roots, as they stand on the new debut album, Lost Souls. A deft mix of electrics, acoustics, fiddle and mandolin, the record introduces the roadhouse blues fury of early Rolling Stones to folk traditions from both sides of the Atlantic.

That the band holds its gritty focus through a dozen tracks is largely the work of experience. The Raindogs include former Red Rockers Darren Hill (bass) and Jim Reilly (drums), fiddle/ mandolinist Johnny Cunningham (a vet of several New England trad Celtic bands) and lead guitarist Emerson Torrey (he and Cutler spent eight years with unsung Beantowners the Schemers).

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