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Communist bit red-faced by big changes
[FIN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Rosie DiManno TORONTO STAR
Date: Jan 10, 1990
Start Page: A.7
Section: NEWS
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[George Hewison], a 45-year-old Marxist, has been the party's central leader for just 20 months. It's been a rough ride in global terms - "my head is still spinning" - in a year that saw children murdered in China, bodies disinterred in Romania, leaders run out of town in Berlin. But Hewison says the party has hung on to its members in Canada - a core group of 1,400 who work at communism and a sympathetic constituency of about 5,000. There is no indication yet, he maintains, that the believers have turned away in disillusionment.

What the Canadian Communist party stands for is evident from Hewison's office at the party's Cecil St. headquarters. Behind his desk is a huge painting of Canadians who fought against fascism in the Spanish Civil War. On the window ledge is a woodcut of Lenin. On the bookshelf, a woodcarving presented by Fidel Castro, a bottle of red wine forwarded by Gallic Communists commemorating the anniversary of the French revolution, and the silk hammer and sickle flag of the Palestinian Communist Party which, Hewison explains proudly, is the driving force behind the intifadah (uprising).

It's about ideology, not cut-throat power or political oppression, Hewison says. But he did shake hands with Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu just this past summer, was entertained for two hours by the recently executed hardliner at his ostentatious palace headquarters, although Hewison declined to sign a joint communique afterward.

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