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Self-defence course offered for women with disabilities
[FIN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Stasia Evasuk TORONTO STAR
Date: Jan 29, 1990
Start Page: C.2
Section: LIFE
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To enable them to learn Wen-Do, a self-defence technique designed specifically for women, the Ontario Women's Directorate has donated $16,000, Toronto's Parks and Recreation Department $1,400, and the provincial office for the disabled $1,000.

"The course is aimed at mobility-impaired women because they are more vulnerable than able-bodied women," says Marilyn Walsh, an instructor with the Wen-Do Self-Defence Corp., a non-profit, charitable organization run by volunteers.

Walsh took a course in Wen-Do when a university friend of hers in Waterloo was attacked while walking home in broad daylight several years ago. "It got me thinking because I walked home from university, too. So I took Wen-Do to protect myself."

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