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Extended use of Maple dump comes to vote at region today
[NOR Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Brian Dexter Toronto Star
Date: Jan 25, 1990
Start Page: N.12
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Metro Toronto, which owns and operates the Maple dump, is also considering applying to expand Keele Valley to handle a further five million tonnes of trash. Under a 1983 agreement with York Region governing use of Keele Valley, Metro Toronto is obliged to continue disposing of York Region's garbage until 2003.

Mario Ferri, president of Vaughan CARES (Committee of Associations to Restore Environmental Safety), told York Region's engineering committee last week that it will be disastrous to the fast-growing Maple community to continue dumping at Keele Valley once the 20 million tonne limit is reached.

Already new homes have been built in [Vaughan] only a kilometre from the dump, a new community of 30,000 is planned in Richmond Hill to the east and a new Catholic high school has been approved in Maple, at Keele St. and McNaughton Rd.

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