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HOCKEY VIOLENCE Wayne Gretzky wants NHL to ban fights but other players told The Star in a recent poll they do not support the idea
[FIN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Rick Matsumoto Toronto Star
Date: Feb 27, 1989
Start Page: D.1
Section: SPORTS
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[Wayne Gretzky] urged the NHL to implement rules that would virtually do away with fighting. He received encouraging support from NHL president John Ziegler, who said Gretzky's voice would be heard simply because, "When Wayne Gretzky speaks, I listen."

Ziegler's position suits Gretzky just fine. He pointed out that his intention was not for the league to strike down fighting next season. He doesn't want to put the league's pugilists out of work. If Gretzky's proposal is accepted by the governors, as many as two or three players on each of the 21 teams would probably find themselves unemployed.

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