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Teen TV show Pilot One not yet flying high
[FIN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Greg Quill Toronto Star
Date: Jan 20, 1989
Start Page: E.21
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They shouldn't have worried. Pilot One, which takes its lead from late-night British TV pop shows of the early 1980s, is no ground- breaker. It is, mind you, colorful and frenetic, quirky and eclectic, an apparent reflection of the imagination of Dave Marsden, its creator and former Toronto disc jockey and CFNY radio station manager .

The show, which airs tonight at 11.30, is also irritatingly preoccupied with itself. Mixing music and sex, surreal and impenetrable comedy sketches with inept copies of "trash TV" series just seems to be about the most daring thing Pilot One's five young hosts could dream of doing.

Broadcasters somewhere obviously agree with [Roger Price]. You Can't Do That is already YTV's most popular weekday evening show. The owners of the American children's TV channel, Nickelodeon, which foots the entire bill for the produciton of the series, credits the show with having kept it afloat and with having en-larged its audience from 2.5 million subscribers to 24 million subscribers.

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