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LaToya lives up to image with a new rockin' album
[FIN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Rita Zekas Toronto Star
Date: Nov 2, 1988
Start Page: E.4
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I know yesterday was the day after Halloween, but surely it was Michael Jackson sitting across from me in a long black wig, only pretending to be his older sister [LaToya Jackson], here to promote her album You're Gonna Get Rocked.

The name LaToya is just about exotic enough for her. She looked exquisite, quite Spanish in yellow embroidered shirt and tight matador pants, with her portrait hand-painted on her high black boots, one gigantic crystal spider on her hip. At 31, she could pass for [Janet]'s age, 22.

No, she doesn't let him take over. She had enough of that with the patriarch, Joe Jackson. People magazine made a big to-do last May about the rift between LaToya and father Joe when she left the family nest in Encino, Calif., to strike out on her own and take on [Jack Gordon] as her new manager.

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