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Owner believes1 '84 Horizon a lost cause after 'repair'
[SA2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Gardiner, Bill
Date: Sep 24, 1988
Start Page: J.11
Section: WHEELS
Abstract (Document Summary)

Engine bearings are available in various oversizes to compensate for worn oil or reground crankshafts. This allows a worn or damaged crankshaft to be reground slightly undersize, fitted with new oversized bearings and the correct oil clearance or "fit" restored without the expense of a new crankshaft.

A product known as Plastigauge is used to determine whether crankshaft bearing oil clearance is correct. The bearing caps are removed and a strip of Plastigauge installed followed by reinstallation and torquing of the bearing caps. The caps are again removed and the compressed width of the plasticene material is "gauged" against a scale supplied in order to determine actual bearing to shaft clearance.

I have to agree with you in general regarding fast idle and base idle speeds. I prefer a fast idle (cold engine) idle speed as low as possible without compromising driveability and as you stated a low base idle (hot engine) speed is desirable to obtain some engine braking.

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