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Ex-Eagle soaring into middle age
[FIN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Greg Quill Toronto Star
Date: Sep 30, 1988
Start Page: E.18
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[Glenn Frey] was a founding member of the influential California country- rock outfit The Eagles, which dominated radio playlists in the late 1970s with such hits as "Take It Easy", "Tequila Sunrise", "Life In The Fast Lane" and "Hotel California".

The band, in its last two studio albums, Hotel California and The Long Run, exposed the soft, ugly underbelly of the sun-burnished Hollywood dream. Of the considerably talented members of The Eagles, only Frey and drummer-singer Don Henley have found real success as solo acts since the group's demise in 1979.

That particular task was sidestepped during a recent tour of Australia, where Frey fronted a re-formed Little River Band in concerts in six cities. "They invited me to play with them for the opening of Expo in Brisbane in May. Then they asked me back for a tour.

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