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NHL refuses to let brightest stars shine
[FIN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Frank Orr Toronto Star
Date: Aug 25, 1988
Start Page: B.4
Section: SPORTS
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Dino Ciccarelli lacks the stoicism, but not the skill, of a [Guy Lafleur]. The goal-scoring ace of the Minnesota North Stars (300 goals in 537 NHL games), Ciccarelli, whose demeanor on the ice has been called arrogant, even haughty, reacts indignantly to the garbage inflicted on his frame.

On a rush into the Leaf zone, Ciccarelli claimed that he was cross-checked high twice by Leaf rookie Luke Richardson. He reacted by swinging his stick three times at Richardson's head. That earned him a match penalty for a deliberate attempt to injure that earned a 10-game suspension from the league. The next day, the police announced that Dino would be charged with assault the next time the North Stars were in town.

That night, Star centre Neal Broten was cut under the eye by the stick of Leaf Dan Daoust. Both Broten and Ciccarelli claimed Daoust told them he was told by Leaf coach John Brophy to "stick Broten." Later, the Leafs' Wendel Clark punched Bob Brooke in the face when the Star centre was prone on the ice.

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