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'Thriller of a Lifetime'
[SU2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Jackson, Michael
Date: May 1, 1988
Start Page: E.1
Abstract (Document Summary)

When we finally listened to the tracks we were going to hand in, Thriller sounded so crappy to me that tears came to my eyes. We came to realize that the sad truth was that the mixes of Thriller didn't work.

The three videos that came out of Thriller - [Billie Jean], Beat It and Thriller - were all part of my original concept for the album. I was determined to present this music as visually as possible.

The Thriller film was ready in late 1983. We released it in February and it made its debut on MTV. Epic released Thriller as a single and sales of the album went crazy. According to statistics, the Thriller film and the release of the single resulted in 14 million additional album and tape sales within a six-month period. At one point in 1984, we were selling a million records a week.

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