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PCs win seat from Liberals in hometown of Premier
[SA2 Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Matt Maychak Toronto Star
Date: Apr 2, 1988
Start Page: A.3
Section: NEWS
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"They won and we lost," [David Peterson] told reporters early yesterday, after Progressive Conservative Dianne Cunningham scored an upset win in a provincial by-election. "If you're asking me for the reasons, they're probably as individual as the number of people who voted."

Liberal Elaine Pensa, a 52-year-old former citizenship judge, lost by 3,000 votes in a riding [Ron Van Horne] had won by 15,000 just eight months ago. As strategists for the party in power had feared, thousands of Liberal voters stayed home. The turnout plummeted from 63.8 per cent in the Sept. 10 general election to 48.1 per cent Thursday.

The final results were: PC Cunningham 13,831; Liberal Pensa 10,353; New Democrat Diane Whiteside 6,759; Family Coaliton Party's Brenda Rowe 1,191; Freedom Party's Barry Malcolm 548; and Independent John Turmel 116.

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