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Rush happily dwarfed by its own technology
[FIN Edition]
Toronto Star - Toronto, Ont.
Author: Craig MacInnis Toronto Star
Date: Mar 8, 1988
Start Page: B.4
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What all this had to do with rock 'n' roll is far less obvious, although [Geddy Lee], guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer Neil Peart made a whole-hearted effort to at least seem interested in what they were doing.

Most of the time this meant sombre, stationary musicianship circa 1976, augmented by the occasional outburst of physical exuberance. Lee's chicken step helped undercut the high-finance gloom of "Big Money", and he and Lifeson's soft-shoe number on "Closer To The Heart" was almost affectionate (as these things go). The audience responded in kind, singing the words as if the whole thing had been rehearsed before the concert.

Peart, the architect of [Rush]'s dour lyric monuments, remained the stern timekeeper during this terpsichorean merriment, dispensing busy rhythms from behind his huge drum kit. Peart is the essence of art-rock deliberateness, building the music's foundation with rolling percussive thunder.

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